[144KB]The mysterious scene of "Hachimantai Dragon Eye"
: a dragon eye created by the nature.

日本語版 ➡ 「八幡平ドラゴンアイ」発信局  
繁體中文 ➡ 「八幡平龍眼」通訊局  

"Hachimantai Dragon Eye" in 2020 ➡➡➡ 八幡平ドラゴンアイの記録(Japanese)



"Hachimantai Dragon Eye" is located at the top of Hachimantai, between Akita and Iwate Prefectures.

This special mysterious dragon eye made of snow and ice only appears when all atmospheric conditions concerning its pond, the air and the general weather are optimal.

This webpage provides updated pictures of "Hachimantai Dragon Eye" and other information.

Videos of "Hachimantai Dragon Eye" are also available in the YouTube Channel "akitavision".

Attention when looking "Hachimantai Dragon Eye"

"Hachimantai Dragon Eye"is in fact a big pond (Kagami Pond).
Since ice keeps melting, getting to close to the pond is dangerous.
Also, the snow at the pond edges may easily collapse increasing the life-threatening risk of slipping and falling down into the icy waters.
Please stay away from the delimited rope barrier, and do not cross it. 

"Hachimantai Dragon Eye" latest information

Here is the latest information about "Hachimantai Dragon Eye".

【June 24,2020】

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"Hachimantai Dragon Eye" Q&A section

Here are answers for the most frequently asked questions about "Hachimantai Dragon Eye".

Q1. What is "Hachimantai Dragon Eye"?

A. It is a pond, officially named "Kagami Pond".
It is covered in snow during winter, which melts during spring, forming an exquisite figure resembling a dragon eye (only however if the atmospheric conditions are on the spot), and for this it is called the "Hachimantai Dragon Eye". 

Q2. Why it forms the shape of a dragon eye?

A. At the end of winter, snow starts melting and snowy water flows into the pond.
Then, when spring comes, the snow in the center starts floating on the water.
Then as the temperature increases, the snow in the center starts melting as well, forming the symbolic shape of a dragon eye.

Q3. When would I be able to see this phenomenon?

A. The dragon eye appears every year from the end of May to the beginning of June, but since it depends almost entirely on the weather conditions, periods might change.

Q4. Where is it?

A. It is located at the top of Hachimantai, in the area of Towada-Hachimantai National Park, between the Akita and Iwate Prefectures.
 Google Map

Q5. How do I get there?

【By Car】
 Tohoku Expwy “Kazuno-Hachimantai” IC → 50min. → Peak of Mt.Hachimantai
 Tohoku Expwy “Matsuo-Hachimantai” IC → 40min. → Peak of Mt.Hachimantai

【By Bus】
 Tazawako Station → 2hr.15min. → Peak of Mt.Hachimantai
   Click here for the bus timetable from Tazawako Station  
 Morioka Station → 2hr. → Peak of Mt.Hachimantai
   Click here for the bus timetable from Morioka Station
 Kzuno-Hanawa Station → 1hr.30min. → Peak of Mt.Hachimantai
   Click here for more information about the Shuttle bus "Hachiro Taro-go" (reservation needed)

【From the peak of Mt.Hachimantai】 
 Peak of Mt.Hachimantai → 15min. on foot → "Hachimantai Dragon Eye"


※"Kagami Pond" has the same meaning of "Hachimantai Dragon Eye".


Gourmet and sightseeing information in the nearby area

Here is some information for those who are also thinking to do some sightseeing and enjoy gourmet dishes after visiting "Hachimantai Dragon Eye".【Recommended gourmet dishes】

【Recommended sightseeing spots】

【Recommended gourmet dishes】


Genta Curry
Curry Inaniwa Udon
【Hachimantai Mountaintop Rest House】

源太カレー写真 [82KB]

Though a littile bit spicy it is without any doubts a great curry, cooked with well stewed beef tendon.
Do not forget to try the popular curry Inaniwa Udon, too!

【Hachimantai Mountaintop Rest House】
 Map: Google Map
 Hours: 9:00~17:00(Late April ~ Early November)
 Link : Hachimantai City  Tourism Association


Kazuno Horumon
【Horumon Koraku

※The picture is for reference only.

Kazuno citizens consider this as their sould food.
The difference from other areas, is that only here in Kazuno people use the "Mongolian mutton barbecue Plate" when they cook.
Which one will be your favorite? The rich in taste "Koraku", or the lighter "Hanachidori"?

【Horumon Koraku
 Map:Google Map
 Opening hours:9:30~23:00
 Closed:No holidays

 Map:Google Map
 Closed:Monday/Irregular holidays in January, May and August

 Click here to learn more about ways of enjoying Kazuno's grilled offal


Kazuno Hokugen Peach flavor ice-cream
【Roadside Station Kazuno】

 北限の桃ソフト写真 [64KB]

Peaches from Kazuno are tardive and are famous for being the last remaining peach supplies in Japan every year.
Kazuno Hokugen Peaches are prouded of their high content of sugar: a sweetness that doesn't change even if made into ice-cream.

【Roadside Station Kazuno】
 Map:Google Map
 Closed:No holidays
 Link :Roadside Station Kazuno


 Kazuno Beef Hamburger
【Roadside Station Oyu】

 かづの牛バーガー写真 [148KB]
※The picture is for reference only.

Kazuno cows are also called the "Dreamy beef cattle", since the meat supply is limited to the dozens of heads every year.
Hamburger patties made from this healthy beef have almost no fat, and are incredibly satisfying when eaten.

【Roadside Station Oyu】
 Map:Google Map
 Hours:9:00~18:00(to go)11:00〜16:00(cafe)
 Closed:Year-end through New Year holidays
 Link :Roadside Station Oyu


【Recommended sightseeing spots】

Akita-Hachimantai Onsen Village
【Driving from the top of Hachimantai for  15~40 minutes】


It would be great to relax in an Onsen after trekking in Hachimantai.
There are many types of Onsen, from the mud bath to box sauna, all spread around from the top to the hillside of the mountain.
Of course here as well the hot spring bath outdoor is a must!

Link : Akita-Hachimantai Onsen Village

Hachimantai Aspite Line


Here is the road between Kazuno City in Akita Prefecture and Hachiman City in Iwate Prefecture.
This is the longest and most famous snow path in Japan during spring.
You can also enjoy a green path during summer and lots of foliage in autumn.
A scenery beautifully different for every seasons.

Link :Hachimantai Aspite Line


Hachimantai Visitor Center
【Driving from the top of Hachimantai for  30 minutes】


Here is the facility where locals will professionally provide you with information useful to enjoying Hachimantai.

 Map :Google Map
 Tel :0186‐31‐2714
 Hours:9:00~17:00(Late April ~ Early November)
 Closed:Early November ~ Late April
 Link :Hachimantai Visitor Center


Osarizawa Copper Mine
【Driving from the top of Hachimantai for a hour】


You can visit the historical mining area, which started from the ancient Nara Period(710~794).
It is now the largest mining historical site in Japan.
Surely you will be impressed by its enchanting atmosphere.

 Map:Google Map
 Closed:Year-end through New Year holidays
 Link :Osarizawa Copper Mine


Special Historic Site, Oyu Stone Circles
【Driving from the top of Hachimantai for 70 minutes】


The largest archeological stone circle site in Japan is here in Kazuno City.
The cute Doban (clay tablets) displayed in the Oyu Stone Circle Museum are also very popular!

【Special Historic Site, Oyu Stone Circles】
 Map:Google Map 
 Closed:No holidays(April~October)
 Link :Special Historic Site, Oyu Stone Circles


Meiji Hyakunen Street
【Driving from the top of Hachimantai for 80 minutes】


Here is a stylish street with architectures from the Meiji Period.
From the end of April to the end of November, plays are performed in the Korakukan (Theater) on a daily basis.

【Meiji Hyakunen Street】
 Map:Google Map
 Link : Meiji Hyakunen Street


Special Historic Site, Oyu Stone Circles

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