Akita Prefecture Official Homepage English Version

This site is the official homepage of the municipality of Akita Prefecture, Japan.
In an effort to share information about Akita Prefecture with an international audience, the following information is translated.

About Akita Prefecture “One and Only JAPAN AKITA”

This contains information about Akita intended for both domestic and international audiences, specifically regarding her beautiful natural landscapes and festivities by season, culinary culture, industries and technologies, education, and efficient regional resources.
You can see more by downloading the PDF below.
 About Akita Prefecture “One and Only JAPAN AKITA” (English Version)

One&Only JAPAN AKITA Akita Prefecture [24KB]

Sightseeing in Akita

Akita Fan Dot Com includes information about sightseeing in our prefecture. Please access it via the link below.
LINK: https://www.akitafan.com/en/first

Namahage Sedo Festival [112KB]

Akita Prefectural Government International Affairs Division Site

This site contains information geared toward international residents in Akita. You can access it via the link below.
LINK: https://www.pref.akita.lg.jp/pages/genre/38998

Translation of the Akita Prefecture Official Homepage

This homepage is translated via an automatic translation service, and thus might lack complete accuracy. Prior to referring to this site, please note that there may be some discrepancies between the Japanese and English versions of the site.